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Roy and spitfire by Icefelis

Okay I know I said thanks already, but again thanks a million for this. I love how Draga's wings are drawn they're just perfect. The fa...

Love Me, Hate Me by cityfire

I love how this looks, but uhhhh, she's missing her cutie mark and that's a pet peeve of mine even though most of my Oc's are missing c...

Read Below Xdd by VictoriaDaMeowtini

OK for the morons out here who don't get that this is a screenshot, She was allowed to do this people. Her friend gave her permission, ...

siuhdfo uj oj o j jkj l k jk jlkj kj lkj kj kj k kjl kjlk jl jl jlj kkj l k; lk;l kjlkjlkjlkjkj jlj lkjk jlkj kj lkj kj kj kjkjlkjlkjkj...

Our toughest (and most hated xD) rivals went up against us in the Track meet was today. Was annoyed at first but by the end of it I was so happy you wouldn't believe. We beat the enemy team-- no CRUSHED them. I literally lost my shit I was almost crying from how happy I was from how close the meet got and ending in our victory (no joke I actually started hopping around like Pinkie Pie because I got so excited, thankfully no-one saw that spectacular performace xDDD). The coach is also giving us tomorrow off so I'll be on possibly a little longer tomorrow (possibly xD).Also, I got the best early birthday gift. I qualified for the invitational meet (which is only for a selected few freshmen and softmores with the majority of the seniors on the team) that's this Saturday, my birthday. Now most people would complain about having to wake up at the crack of dawn and being stuck away from a lot of your friends for several hours (Leaving for it at 7:15 AM, I'll be home around 2-3PM o.o). But ya know what? I've worked hard this season, and I finally feel like my work is paying off, and the team as a whole is more than a team, it's bcome a full-blown family. I've been told to run for those close to my heart. That means I've been running for my family, my friends from school and out of state, and all of you guys. Many of you have one way or another have inspired me to keep pushing through everything, and I'm glad to have met all you. I'm just speechless more or less. I'm overjoyed to where words can't describe. x3
  • Mood: Triumph
  • Listening to: My Oc's ranting
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  • Watching: MLP
  • Playing: Pokemon
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  • Drinking: Root Beer


Oc Shipping
Can't believe I'm doing this, but I am, concepts on price and time are same as Oc Commissions
Oc Commissions
Roy in Color by MincraftMegaAbsray
Riku the Umbreon by MincraftMegaAbsray
Roy (Absol) Dead (new form/side story) by MincraftMegaAbsray
Want me to draw your Oc's? So be it. Paper drawings will be posted when I can, but are quicker, drawings by tablet will take longer due to my horridness with a drawing tablet.
Mine-imator Commissions
Taught By The Best by MincraftMegaAbsray
Die as Friends by MincraftMegaAbsray
Want me to make you something in Mine-imator, i'll do it, but if it involves your mc skin, I need a link to it


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Roy V.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

   Roy Draga The Alicorn of Reincarnation


Yana WolfClaw

Doctora D0c Cusudi

Image by Cool Text: Free Logos and Buttons - Create An Image Just Like This… UnovaRPG Account help me get Microsoft points help me get points for games

Best Friend in real life: :iconsonicblast8:

Ask Account (WIP) : :iconask-harpor-skystorm:

I am known as ShinyAbsol on Flipnote Hatena, but my internet is down on my dsi, so i figured I'd go one step higher and join DeviantART, so i can get back in gear.

Here's a little about me:
Name: Roy
Age: 15 (gonna be 16 in May)
Nationality: Italian (and a very proud one, buona fortuna everyone ^^), British, and German
Favorite Shows: Fairly Odd Parents (i know it's a bit outta my age limit, but it's still funny to me XD), MLP (don't judge xD)
Favorite Songs: Monster (Skillet), Monster (Meg & Dia), Radioactive, Survival (Eminem), iNSaNiTY, and It's Murder (odd title huh? XD)

My other account: :iconroytheeevee:

I've seen as the time goes by on the internet and in rl I've gone by quite a few nicknames now:
The Dragon
Moutain Dew (High school Varsity Track & Field Team joke nickname I got last year, don't ask xD)
Shadow (don't question this one for the sake of your own sanity xD and no, it has nothing to do with Shadow the Hedgehog xD)

My quotes:

"To be in the in-crowd, doesn't always mean you're always in the right crowd."
-Roy V.

"So many hearts have turned black while others are left to's really a sad fact indeed, but let life play its twisted harp of destiny with it's unique melody, whether angelic or not."
-Roy V.

"When one becomes an ill-tempered blood-born eel, their mind preys on destruction, their eyes crave the sight of their victim's misery, and the rest of their body made from pure sin, want the death of the world by the plagued entity they've become from the separate dark shadowed world they live in alone."
-Roy V.

"Do not what your mind thinks it should do, rather make your mind think further into what could be done or happen" -Roy V.

Minecraft life stamp by zealferal


My New Stamp by Lilac-Skye


Anti star X victoria stamp by VictoriaDaMeowtini

╠╬╬╬╣Who ate My Chocolate????
╚╩╩╩╝put this on your page if you love chocolate


ID made by: :icondead-derpyson-hooves:

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Fan Art:

For MinecraftAbsol by ShiveeHasYourCookies by, :iconshiveehasyourcookies:
I Love it!

Another Thing for MinecraftAbsol by ShiveeHasYourCookies by, :iconshiveehasyourcookies:
I really appreciate it, thank you.

Yana by WinterStarRin by, :iconwinterstarrin:
Yay, Yana's a furry now.

Just Another Snowy Day by ShiveeHasYourCookies by, :iconshiveehasyourcookies:
:squee: YAY! AND DAT FACE HE HAS XD I love it! :squee:

Me and Roy by StarTheEeveeRules by, :iconstartheeeveerules: Awwwww, adorable^^

You have dipleased the Roy. by ShiveeHasYourCookies by, :iconshiveehasyourcookies:
Roy: *is still displeased* Me: But you looks so adorable XD

Dragon God Roy by KiraNightViolet by, :iconkiranightviolet: Epic, simply austounding, thank you for this ^^

I luv you~ by AngellaEngels by, :iconangellaengels: Cyrus found himself the best girl he could ever get, I'm sure they'll be happy together XD

u w u by Slendery-Blaze by, :iconslendery-blaze: D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwww <:3

Yana Redone by StarBlazeRin by, :iconstarblazerin:
Major improvement, he looks amazing ^^

:thumb413069686: by, :iconunicornscreate: This is so cute =w=

Shiny X roy by VictoriaTheVictini by, :iconvictoriathevictini: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ^^

Roy X shiny by VictoriaTheVictini by, :iconvictoriathevictini: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ^^

we did not kill Sky and Deadlox and Jason by Slendery-Blaze by, :iconslendery-blaze: We Hunters approve XD

:thumb423475377: by, :iconyolopotatozoe: Even without his tophat Gent still looks adorable. They'll be perfect.

:thumb424483353: by, :iconyolopotatozoe: ewe ewe I see what ya did there XD

:thumb424768908: by, :iconyolopotatozoe: everyone now knows our two fav trouble makers XD

:thumb426770177: by, :iconyolopotatozoe: FEEEEAAAAAR MEEE XDD

:thumb431650338: by, :iconyolopotatozoe: my Oc's face XD

:thumb432919814: by, :iconyolopotatozoe: cute :3

A lil gift for roy by VictoriaTheVictini by, :iconvictoriathevictini:

:thumb445018607: by, :icongeekypinkpony: No wonder people find him irresistible.

Minecraftabsol Req by Icefelis by, :iconicefelis: To battle! XD But seriously it's awesome thank you ^^

Assassim Roy. (Request) by Dead-Derpyson-Hooves by, :icondead-derpyson-hooves: Yes, perfect ^^

dA Family:


Sisters: :iconfivenightsatslendys: , :iconkitkathugz: ,

Chao Sister: :iconstarblazerin:

Cousins: :iconplayful-absol: ,

Pet Eevee: :iconvictoriathevictini:

GF: :iconvictoriadameowtini: <3


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PaintTasticPony Featured By Owner May 14, 2015  Student Digital Artist
i think you should feature victoria, she's worried that you dont love her ;-;
MincraftMegaAbsray Featured By Owner May 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*sighs* Do I have to remind her once more that I'm been getting busy lately with school and all my stuff after school? That doesn't make me love her less. I miss her and it hurts me that I can't talk to her because my schedule is shit. I don't get why I can get this message across to everyone but I have to keep explaining it to her that I can't be as responsive all the time, especially with the first half of my highschool career coming to a close to let the other half begin. Plus I've just been stressed and anxious with everything and I only know a few people that can help me with that and I wind up talking with them for so long I lose track of time (I lose track of time a lot as it is...). I'm trying to make time for her, I really am, but I have a lot on my hands still. By the summer I'll be a little more active online (Only a little more because I might get a job this summer, have to make money somehow xD) but in the meantime, just let her know I still love her, and to not think otherwise. I'm not just gonna disapear on her, I care too much about her to leave her. Our relationship has been survivng for so long and I'm not willing to let it die just because I can't talk all that much. But at the same time, she has to realize I can't be around 24/7 anymore like I used to be. I've got more responsibilities now and I have to abide by them. Listen, tell her the three of us can talk tomorrow night after I'm home from everything I'm doing tomorrow. I know how much she misses me and I miss her more. Just let her know that.
PaintTasticPony Featured By Owner May 14, 2015  Student Digital Artist
ok, i told her and she understands
MincraftMegaAbsray Featured By Owner May 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
okay thank you.
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VictoriaDaMeowtini Featured By Owner May 10, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Senpai by VictoriaDaMeowtini
MincraftMegaAbsray Featured By Owner May 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
... *slowly backs away* Bad fish... ene
VictoriaDaMeowtini Featured By Owner May 10, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
VictoriaDaMeowtini Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
*looks around your page, sees me mentiond no where*
ok fine
*slams "My girlfriend: :iconvictoriadameowtini:" onto your ID

THERE we go

thats better :iconeweplz:
MincraftMegaAbsray Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
x3 xD
VictoriaDaMeowtini Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Spooky Scary Swiggity Swooty Marionette (Chat Icon 
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